Vital work to listen to our communities progresses with Project Fusion

20 July 2023

IMG-0694.jpgAs Project Fusion progresses we're working hard to listen to our communities and ensure the voices of the people we work with are heard.

Across Hampshire and Isle of Wight conversations are happening with local communities and voluntary sector partners about the new organisation. Recently we hosted an event in partnership with Basingstoke Voluntary Action. It was an opportunity to ensure voluntary sector partners in North Hampshire were aware of the aims and benefits of Project Fusion and there was lively discussion about the opportunities for stronger joint-working between the NHS and voluntary secure colleagues. A similar event is being held in partnership with Community Action Isle of Wight and representatives from the voluntary sector on the Island this week. Feedback from these events will feed into the plans being developed for the new Trust.

Check out the video below where Lesley Stevens, Executive Lead for Lived Experience within Project Fusion tells us more about the work to ensure the voice of the people who use our services is embedded in the way we run the new organisation and the decisions we make and the way in which we work with people who use our services to develop care planning. 

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